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Hello everybody!

I just want to say I hope you're faring well during these COVID times.

Much of my life's work has been to inspire each and every one of you to live your best life. And I know that, now more than ever, that's probably felt a lot easier said than done.

But I've always said and believed that if you're watching nature—the trees, the blades of grass, the flowers blooming into their full vibrant beauty—you'll see how simple it can be just to be your best self. The only actual thing required of you is to rise to the highest, fullest expression of yourself. That's a journey for all of us.

With The Oprah Winfrey Show and O Magazine, our goal was always to encourage you to rise to the occasion that is your life. So now I am—we are—embarking on a new chapter and I'm hoping that you will join me. is my latest offering, and I do consider it an offering. A new destination with thoughtful digital storytelling, a quarterly print edition, and a special membership-only community where you can connect live with me and all things in the Oprah universe: Gayle and Adam, and other names that you know and appreciate.

With Oprah Daily, my hope is that you will take the time out of your day—how little time is required—just to give something back to yourself every single day. To connect, to listen, to celebrate yourself and what matters most to you.

Here's to not just living your best life but living it well—and making living well a daily practice at

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