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Hi, Insiders.

Greetings from my backyard in South Africa. On the way here, I spent a beautiful two days in Marrakech. That wasn’t a lot of time, of course, to experience so much magnificent culture—especially in heat that felt, at times, unbearable. But we did get in an exploratory visit to the souk market filled with people, spices, aromas, jewelry, rugs, juice, fresh baked bread, and every Moroccan trinket you could imagine. I bought some scarves for head wraps and handcrafted wooden boxes to hold treasured photos and notes when I get back home.

And my stay there at the Amanjena was exquisite. I’ve got to tell you, it is a lovely hotel that was enhanced by the services of a private butler named Mehdi. Ah, Mehdi. My eyes water when I think of him. Of course, he was skilled to offer impeccable service. But oh my goodness, this young man’s heart—you could feel that it was as big as the Atlas Mountains surrounding Marrakech. So I wanted to tell you all this: On our last night there, my daughter-girl Liliane and I had a traditional, superbly delicious Moroccan meal served in a tent, with me dancing with the musicians.

When we came back to our two-bedroom glorious suite and entered the front door, there was a surprise for me that was organized by Mehdi—candles and flowers that read, “We love you, Oprah.” Mehdi was there, and he said to me, “It’s a small thing we do. But I wanted you to know how I and the staff feel about you being here. It’s a small thing, ma’am, but we hope you can feel it.” And boy, did I feel it. Not only did I hear his words, I felt his heart. I received it so fully, it expanded my own heart. It was such a gratifying, humbling moment for me that there on the other side of the world, in a world so different from my own, this young man, who’s 28, would go out of his way to do something so kind, so generous. A small thing, he said, that left a big impression—a forever heart print—on me.

It got me thinking, How do I do that for somebody else? How do I leave someone with a heart print? Not just an act of kindness. And I want you to think about that, too. How do you leave a heart print? I know this community is so thoughtful. So let me know if you’ve ever had a Mehdi moment, and what in your wildest imagination would you do to offer a Mehdi moment to someone else?

Go well, have a great week.