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the world according to gayle

The World According to Gayle” is Oprah Daily’s video series spotlighting all things Gayle each and every month. Our editor at large is sharing her favorites of the moment, from buzzy new albums to fantastic restaurant finds you’ll want to try. Check back each month to see the latest!

I’m back for the month of July, and summer is in full swing, along with a slew of exciting new things for you to try! This month, I’m celebrating our nation’s independence (we look pretty good for 247 years old) and a few other holidays that may surprise you: Cheer Up the Lonely Day on July 11, and National Talk in an Elevator Day on July 28. The fun doesn’t stop there, though. In case you missed all the hot pink everywhere, the Barbie movie is finally here, and I’ve got some other cool things for the month of July to recommend to you all. Take a look at my picks below—they are out of this world.

preview for Gayle King Looks Like a Real-Life Barbie Ahead of the New Film

ALF Bakery

the world according to gayle
Courtesy of ALF Bakery

Bread lovers, this one is for you. We all know how Oprah feels about bread, and she’s not alone! And while the art of baking dates back thousands of years, bakers still find creative ways to reinvent bread. Enter Amadou Ly, of ALF Bakery, located in Chelsea Market in New York. As you might’ve guessed, the first two initials in ALF stand for his name, and the F, he says, is for “fancy,” but I think it should stand for “fantastic.” Amadou creates artisan styles of bread, from baguettes to croissants to baguettes laminated with croissants. I tried it all and agree fully with Amadou when he told me that “bread is life” and “you eat with your eyes first.” Believe me when I say his creations truly are fantastic.

Survival of the Thickest

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You all know that I cannot stand cheater cheater pumpkin eater men, but even I must admit that it makes for a compelling start to Mavis Beaumont’s story in Survival of the Thickest. Mavis, played by Michelle Buteau, finds herself in shambles after a bad breakup and must pick up the pieces to rebuild herself as a celebrity stylist. The series, which premieres on Netflix on July 13, is as honest as it is hilarious. I spoke to Michelle after I watched an early preview, and she told me that she learned that the best advice for dating is to be “casual and responsible” but also “open your heart, mind, and legs to love.” For anyone still single out there, let it be known that approach worked for both Mavis and Michelle.


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Turns out the Barbie world can exist outside of the plastic, and I can’t wait to really see what that looks like when Barbie hits theaters on July 21. Greta Gerwig’s film starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Issa Rae, America Ferrera, and more gives us a special look at what happens when Barbie gets some real-life adventure outside of Barbie Land. Well, that’s great for Barbie, but I’d say it would be nice to trade some “real life” for some “Malibu living,” which is exactly what I did when I visited Malibu Barbie Café. The pop-up shop, open in New York until September 15, is a magical place where everyone is called either Barbie or Ken. It comes with great food and drinks, an Instagrammable atmosphere, and the cutest guests—both children and adults alike!

I want to hear from you! Let me know what you think of my list in the comments below. And what should I be looking forward to next month?

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