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We take about 20,000 breaths each day, and yet, most of us feel, well, breathless. Our first order of business is to relearn how to breathe through our nose, which allows us to absorb up to 20 percent more oxygen than mouth breathing. Here, expert Robert Litman shows us how breathwork can radically improve sleep, mood, and metabolic and sexual function as well as relieve anxiety, asthma, and allergies. What’s more, a good breathing practice might just be the surest path to inner peace and true self-knowledge.

the art of breathwork

Watch the Life You Want Class on Breathwork and Transformation

Join Robert Litman for our class on the art and science of breathwork. You will come away with a tool kit of simple breathing techniques to help with stress, anxiety, sleep, asthma, and more.

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You’re Breathing All Wrong

Don't worry: Your body knows exactly what to do—it just forgot how. Here, a beginner's guide to the healing powers of breathwork, and easy step-by-steps for 12 key techniques.

white fluffy feathers floating in the sky swan feathers flying in heavenly

Friends Who Hallucinate Together Stay Together

black woman breathing

Breathwork for Black Women in Corporate America

grasses blowing in the wind

One Sentence That Turns Self-Hate into Self-Love

african american woman experiences shortness of breath

A Single Breathwork Session Unlocked My Trauma

"We arrive in life on an inhale and depart on an exhale." —Robert Litman

floating woman above desert

Three Skeptics Road Test Breathwork Sessions

leaves blowing in the wind

Trauma Rx: The Best Remedy Is Under Your Nose

mouth taping

What’s the Deal with Mouth Taping?


Why Every Breath Is a Chance to Reset

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